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Flange-connection Y type strainers
SY4P Type Strainer

SY4P type Y type strainer is a kind of indispensable filtration devices in medium pipeline system, Y strainer usually installed in the pressure-reducing valve,relief valve,

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Y companding pull-rod strainers
YSTF Type Strainer

YSTF type Y companding pull-rod strainer is a new design, Y strainer is combined with flex connectors, simple structure, easy to use,

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SRB series basket type strainers
SRB strainer

The SRB series basket strainer is the small equipment, which remove liquid containing small solids, protection of compressor, pump and other equipment and instruments normal work,

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ER105F/ER110/ER116/ER120 Bell-shaped float-type steam trap valves(pic1)
ER steam valves

The closed-shaped float resists water attack, there is an overflow gas-emission hole on the bucket, which can effectively prevent vapor locking, air blocking phenomenon.

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Ball-float type steam drainage steamtrap valves
T47H-16C steam Valve

T47H-16C ball-float type drainage steamtrap valve is applicable to power station, chemicals, pharmacy, papermaking and other industry fields with heater,

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Cshr65A heat-preservation type steam trap valves
Cshr65 steam valves

Steam heat preservation type trap valve is the latest technology in dise-type trap, it increase a layer of heat-preservation steam-through shell outside the main gas-room,

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ZCLF steam magnetic valves
ZCLF steam valves

It is suitable for the pipeline two-way type swith, which medium is as steam, gas,liquid.

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ZBS export series stainless steel solenoid valves
ZBS Solenoid Valve

Piston structure, durable wear-resistant, low temperature, no noise, zero leakage rapid action response, high-frequency German technology, export series, reliable quality.

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PS steam magnetic valves(pic1)
PS Steam Valve

It is suitable for steam as heating medium heater, radiator, dryer and fabric dyeing machine, fruits and vegetables dryer, etc.,

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